10 reasons why you should visit Požega

Požega is located in a valley in between low mountains and rolling hills. To the west rises the Psunj Mountain (984 m), to the north stretches Papuk (953 m), to the northeast is the Krndija Mountain (792 m), to the south lies the Požeška Gora hill (616 m) and to the southeast, with the Orljava River meandering next to it, stretches Dilj Gora hill. The hillsides are covered in lush vineyards and the valley in-between is fertile farmland, both of which turn golden yellow in autumn, giving the area its nickname – the Golden Valley.

1.   Enjoy the welcoming warmth of the countryside family farms

In and around Požega there are many family farms with “Zlatni Lug” standing out in recent years. This tavern, inn and picnic site covers the area of 70 ha and is located just to the west of Požega, in the village of Donji Emovci. Požega’s Golden Valley is the place where you can still find the old traditions of Slavonia, in the peaceful villages, stretching through the golden fields of wheat, next to the lush green vineyards, overlooked by the dense mountain forests. The Zlatni Lug farm invites you for a visit full of relaxation from everyday stress. Enjoy their hospitality, taste the premium wines of the region, try some of the outdoor activities, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet by the swimming pool and taste the delicious local specialties.

2. Time for lunch? Catch your own trout!

A few kilometres north from the city centre you’ll find the “Stari Fenjeri” family estate. Come and enjoy their peaceful oasis, filled with nature’s sounds and colours.

Their restaurant offers a unique setting in a beautiful green grove, next to the fish pond. All the food specialties, both local Slavonian and Croatian cuisine, are prepared from fresh ingredients. If you wish, you can also try to catch your own fish for lunch, such as the Californian and the region’s native Brown trout.

3. Taste the finest pumpkin seed oil

Visit the Grbić family farm and sample taste their many products made from pumpkins and pumpkin seeds such as premium quality oils. All of the products are organic and hold the HALAL and HACCP certificates. For interested visitors, they also organize educational workshops on the topics of eating healthy and organic farming.

4. Relax on top of the Požeška Gora hill and enjoy the view

Požega lies on the vineyard slopes of the Požeška Gora hill and in the valley crisscrossed by creeks and golden fields of wheat. Only one kilometre from the city centre, on the Sokolovac hilltop, there is a viewpoint from which you can observe the whole Golden Valley and the other four Slavonian Mountains. The hill was named after Friar Luka Ibrišimović Sokol who in 1689 defeated the Ottomans, once and for all, at that very spot. From the Sokolovac viewpoint, you can hike through the woods, finding interesting facts about the surrounding nature as you walk, all the way to the main city square.

5. Explore Požega on a bicycle

Požega and its countryside don’t quite fit the stereotype about the lowland region of Slavonia. To the south of the city centre lies the Požeška Gora Hill crisscrossed by many hiking and cycling paths. As the terrain is not too steep, it is suitable for all visitors who simply like to explore nature, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views from the hilltop vineyards and orchards. You are more than welcome to explore these recreational routes on your own but if you contact one of the local tourist agencies they will personalize your tour and even organize your participation in a wine harvest. A traditional event you’ll remember and tell your friends all about.

6. See Požega from a bird’s perspective

If you wish to get to know our city from the air, you can contact the Paragliding club “Bumbar” to help you make your wish come true. Accompanied by experienced pilots, your air adventure will be something to remember forever. Make the hills and valleys around Požega your playground and see the world from a new angle.

7. Taste the exhibits of the most unusual museum in Croatia

The restaurants, taverns and family farms in and around Požega are well known as places where you can still find good traditional cuisine typical of Slavonia and Baranja provinces in eastern Croatia. Local gastronomy was influenced by the rich culture and history of the region for centuries which makes it unique although it bears much resemblance with the cuisine of the neighbouring countries in Central and Southeast Europe. Some of those traditional meals are still today part of our everyday lives, while some became forgotten over time, especially throughout the second half of the 20th century. To keep the old recipes alive, the City Museum of Požega started an interesting project, resulting in the so-called “Museum in the cooking pot” (“Muzej u loncu”). One of the most specific meals prepared by the “Museum in the pot” is the “Požeški vinogradarski ćevap” roast, typically prepared by the winemakers in their vineyards during the grape harvest. It is protected as a part of Croatian intangible heritage by the Ministry of Culture. You can taste it and other meals “from the pot” in the city’s restaurants, such as the “Grgin Dol” Inn and Restaurant.

8. Visit the restaurant known for the “Baron Trenk’s” steak – juicy as the story of the baron himself…

Some of the meals from the aforementioned “Museum in the cooking pot”, you can try in the Inn and Restaurant “Grgin Dol” in Požega. Visit the restaurant’s terrace located next to the lush green forest of the Požeška Gora hill and treat yourself to the finest selection of traditional food as well as the famous wines from the Požega-Kutjevo wine country. Try their specialty, the “Baron Trenk’s” steak made of veal or pork steak, filled with Slavonian ham, hard-boiled eggs, “Ajvar” chutney, in an onion and mushroom sauce. While you enjoy the rich taste of the baron’s steak, you’ll find out more about his love story with the famous Croatian queen and Austrian empress Maria Theresia…

9. Remember your visit with an edible souvenir from the Monastery of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

Apart from the traditional dishes which you can find in local restaurants, there is one delicacy which you can find only in one place – the “Carrot marmalade” from the Monastery of the Sisters of Charity. After you announce your visit to the sisters, you can do a guided tour of the monastery and treat yourself to some of their signature organic carrot marmalades, with some homemade cookies and a nice cup of hot tea.

10. Taste the modern Street Food based on old recipes

When you visit the destination of “Golden Slavonia”, you will have to try some of the delicacies of the local gastronomy. In most restaurants, traditional preparation is the key, but there is one where they decided to try something new, still saving the old tastes which we love so much. The “Funky Food” bistro’s street food will attract those who try to do as much as they can in a day, but still, wish to enjoy the famous Slavonian cuisine. Try the local ingredients in a modern interpretation. We’re hungry already!

Dobro došli u Požegu!

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