From all sides surrounded by fertile mountain hillsides, vast wine-estates make much of Požega countryside’s scenery. Wines made by the local wineries, especially those from the town of Kutjevo are considered to be some of the best in Central and Southeast Europe.

Wine production has been a part of the local economy ever since ancient Roman times but the wine culture as we know it today originated and grew since the 13th century. It was in 1232 when the first wine cellar opened next to the nearby Castle of Kutjevo and is still in use today.

Most wine producers are known for their white wines with Graševina (Italian Riesling) being their pride and joy as wine made of this sort of grapes is so much more than your “regular” bottle of Riesling. Italian or Welsch Riesling is typical for Central Europe but in Croatia, under the name of Graševina it has the best growing conditions so the wines are of the best quality ranging even into Premium wines. 

Graševina wines from the late-harvest and ice-harvest and especially those made according to the Champagne method will also be a great present to your loved ones or perfect as a gift to impress your business partners.

Other white sorts in Požega’s wine yards include Pinot Gray, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer, Rhein Riesling and Green Silvaner. Amongst red sorts, most common are Blue Frankish, Pinot Red, Zweigelt, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. 

Many tourist events in Požega are inspired by wine. Best known are the two main vine-makers ’ holidays – St. Martin’s celebration of young wine in November and St. Vincent’s blessing of the wine yards in January. Various entertainment programs organized on those occasions attract many visitors to Požega and the surrounding wine country.

Although Požega is surrounded by vineyards, the fertile fields of wheat made it possible for the locals to make their own beer. In the past, because home-made beer was cheaper than wine and today because of the new craft-beer renaissance which swept through Croatia and put Požega on the map as the regional “beer-central”.

Wineries – wine makers from Požega

Winery Bartolović
Dubrovačka 83, 34 0000 Požega
034 271179
091 881 5943 – Krunoslav Bartolović
091 768 5541 – Helena Bartolović

Winery Romić
Ivana Matkovića 1, 34 000 Požega
034 274907

Winery Zrinščak
Borisa Hanžekovića 171, 34 0000 Požega
095 5284 774

Winery Vojak
J.J. Strossmayera 95
34 0000 Požega

Wine shop

Veleučilište u Požegi
Cehovska 2, 34 000 Požega
091 588 2366

Breweries – craft beer from Požega

Not so long ago at the beginning of the 20th century, what is known as “home-brewing” today was very common through ought Požega’s cereal-covered countryside. The old farmers used what they had around their small estates, such as wheat, barley or corn and with some wild hops they were the first “craft beer producers”, even if they didn’t know it yet.

To many Croatian and international beer-enthusiasts, it might be interesting to know that one of the most produced beers in Croatia today, the “Ožujsko” from Zagreb, was first produced in Požega. To be exact, it was the recipe for his “March Beer” that was made here by the brewery and beer tavern owner, Mr. Dragutin Karlo Loebe. His production was eventually moved to the nearby town of Nova Gradiška and after the 2nd World War sold to the brewery in Zagreb.

Since then, until the 2010s, there was no real beer production in Požega, except maybe for some lonely home-brewers. Today the beer scene has grown so much, so that once a year Požega becomes home to one of the best known “craft-beer” festivals in Croatia and the broader European region. Known under the name of “Požeška Krigla” (“The Beer Pint of Požega”) it takes place every June and is organized by the Beer producer’s Association of Požega (Požeška Udruga Pivara:



Felix Machina Brewery
Pasikovci 22, 34322 Brestovac
Srđan Smoljanović
091 622 1046

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