Thanks to its position in-between rivers Orljava and Veličanka on one side and the Požeška Gora hill on the other side, those who like to walk and hike in nature, will be very pleased with the possibilities!


Located almost in the city centre you’ll find the walkways along the rivers Orljava and Veličanka where you can not only take a relaxing walk but also enjoy cycling. There is also the “Stari grad” hill located in the heart of the city – the green “lungs” of Požega with gentle hillsides which are perfect for a recreational hike. You can approach the “Stari Grad”, the site of the former medieval fortified castle, from two sides, behind the Cathedral and from the entrance located in Ulica Antuna Kanižlića Street, close to the city sports hall.

Gentle hiking in the hills and mountain biking

The northern slopes of the Požeška Gora hill are a somewhat more challenging terrain than the “Stari grad” hill. But as you hike or cycle along the marked routes over the hilltops, thru the vineyards and orchards, you will get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views – on one side those of the city rooftops with the Krndija and Papuk Mountains in the back and on the other side the picturesque villages tucked in the lush green valleys.



The way of the Winegrowers

The shortest circular hiking and cycling route thru the Požeška Gora Hill will take you from the main city square, behind the Church of the Holy Spirit, along the Ulica Svetog Duha Street towards the steps up the hill in the Ulica Svetog Vida Street. From there you will continue walking a few hundred meters up the pebble road along the Vintaški Put Way towards the hilltop and the St. Vincent’s Chapel. Before the chapel turn left and follow the Vinogradarski Put Way. Once you get to the crossroads with the Vincelovski Put Way you can pick whether to go downhill towards the Bishop’s Palace and the Antun Kanižlić Elementary School or to continue, thus making a bigger and more attractive circle thru the vineyards and orchards. If you continue along the Vinogradarski Put Way you will eventually complete the circle and after walking down the Ulica Grgin dol Street and return to the city center. Keeping in mind that most of the route is a dirt road with some steeper sections, it is advisable to dress appropriately for outdoor sports or mountaineering. If you decide to do the shorter hike, it will take you about an hour and to fully enjoy the route you’ll need about one and a half hours. This route is also suited for cycling on a mountain bike.


The way of the Hawk

Named after the liberator from the Ottomans, in the late 17th century – Friar Luka Ibrišimović Sokol (Hawk), this route is more suited for hiking than cycling, unless you are very well experienced with cycling in the hills or decide to only use the route along the city streets. The start of the route is located next to the entrance to the Church of the Holy Spirit in the main square. From there go right past the city’s Green Market, then turn in to the Sokolva Ulica Street and soon after, take a turn right up the Kalvarija Street. When you once again see the family houses, turn left and continue uphill along the shaded forest path. Follow the markings along the Fratarski Put (The Friar’s Way) towards the Calvary (the Way of the Cross), past the St. Anna’s chapel and continue further uphill to the very top named Sokolvac (the Hawk’s place. From under the high metal cross named the Homeland Cross you’ll have a beautiful view of the city, the hills and valleys and the mountains Psunj and Papuk in the distance. To return to the town centre you can follow the city street that goes along the Friars Way (Salaški Put Way – Ulica Svetog Josipa Street – Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera Street – Kalvarija Street) and you will once again find yourself next to the main square, The Holy Trinity Square. If you decide to do the whole hike using only the city streets, it will take you about two hours and combining the streets with the described hiking route thru the forest, it will take you a bit longer. Keeping in mind that at least half of this route takes you thru the forest, with some steeper sections, it is advisable to dress appropriately for outdoor sports or mountaineering.

Recreational sports

 If you are amongst those who prefer to do sports as well as outdoor activities at the appropriate sports grounds, we recommend you to visit two such places. One is the enclosed sports hall named Dvorana “Tomislav Pirc” (also known as the Grabrik Hall) in the city centre and the Sports and Recreational Centre located next to the walkway along the Orljava River. There you’ll find the football, basketball and volleyball playgrounds, a children’s playground, an open-air fitness centre, the shooting range and other sports facilities. Next to the sports centre you’ll also find the enclosed and outdoor tennis court. In Požega you will also find the outdoor swimming pools with the bowling grounds, the Gymnastics centre “Sokol”, the football stadium belonging to the NK Slavonija football club as well as the Sports grounds “Vidovci”.

All the sports and recreational facilities in the city are managed by the public company named “Sportski objekti Požega”:

Lokacija: sportska dvorana „Tomislav Pirc“
Address: Ulica Antuna Kanižlića 14a, 34000 Požega
Tel.: 00385 (0)34 272 100

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