Local cuisine in Požega is a mixture of historical and cultural influences which means that the tastes will reflect not only Croatian and Slavic roots but also Hungarian, Germanic, and Oriental ones. In our local menus, you’ll often find dishes that will remind you of Austria or Hungary and even Turkey because for centuries Croatia was a “crown-land” of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire on the border with the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, the position of our country and the Požega-Slavonia County at the crossroads from Central to Southeast Europe resulted in specific gastronomy which you simply must explore.

Even though Požega is located in the Slavonia region, often thought to be famous only for dishes made of pork and other meats, because of the hilly terrain and many quick, cold and clear creeks, the restaurant’s menus will often offer even the tasty trout.

With the local food, you should try the wine from the nearby wineries, especially the ones from the world-famous Kutjevo wine country. We also recommend that you try the local beers, especially those made by the growing number of home and craft brewers.

Museum in the Cooking pot

One of the most popular projects by the City Museum of Požega is the delicious “Museum in the Cooking pot”. This project is essentially a collection of recipes for traditional dishes made in and around Požega as well as other parts of Eastern Croatia, accompanied by interesting stories inspired by the rich history and culture of this part of Central and Southeast Europe.

This travelling exhibition and the cooking show attracted hundreds of visitors from all parts of Croatia. 

If you’d like to taste some of those meals if you visit the local restaurants “Zlatni Lug”, “Grgin Dol” and “Stari Fenjeri”.

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