Požega and its countryside is a well known-wine country but there are also many orchards, especially those with plum trees, apples, pears and apricots. Many family farms locally known as “OPG’s” grow blackberries and rosehip and in recent years also blueberries and cranberries. From all that fruit they produce jams, juices and traditionally, and more commonly, various liqueurs and brandies such as the famous “rakija Šljivovica” (plum schnapps).

Obiteljsko gospodarstvo Ribičić
Fruit, herbal and honey brandies
Kneza Mislava 26, 34 000 Požega
034 318044
Goran Ribičić 098 256 106
Tanja Ribičić 098 1858766,
e-mail: info@og-ribicic.hr

Destilerija Šimić   
Fruit brandies
Trg Sv. Trojstva 20, 34000 Požega
Zlatko Šimić 034 274-392, 098 256-878

Voćarstvo Boić
Skenderovci 13 34000 Požega
Facebook: Voćarstvo Boić

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