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The right to obtain information from the Tourist board of the City of Požega is regulated by the Law on obtaining the right to information (Zakon o pravu na pristup informacijama). 

The law also prescribes the principles of the right of access, exceptions to the right of access, and the procedure for exercising and protecting the right of access to information. The law aims to enable and provide information to private individuals, businesses, and institutions through openness and publicity of the activities of public authorities, following the law. 

The right to information is exercised by submitting a request to the Tourist Board of the City of Požega. 

INFORMATION OFFICER: Mirna Svoboda, director of the Tourist office of the Tourist Board of the City of Požega 

  • Address: Požega Tourist Board, Trg Sv. Trojstva 11, 34000 Požega 
  • Fax number: 00385 (0)34 274 901 
  • E-mail:

You can bring the request in person to the Tourist Office of the Tourist Board of the City of Požega.

There is no need to pay an additional fee with the form when submitting the application.

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