Top 3 cycling routes in Požega

Požega with its hills and valleys is a well-known cycling destination. Cycling is a great way to stay in good shape and it can be even more interesting when you combine that with exploring the countryside and tasting the homemade products from the many small family farms. The Aureus Monst tourist agency offers many cycling trips in and around Požega, across the hilltops and through the wine country. Routes suitable for pure recreational cyclists as well as those who prefer slightly steeper terrains, crisscrossing through the beautiful nature can be the best way to relieve you from everyday stress. Spend a day in the fresh air, taste the wine, enjoy the gastronomy and homemade products from the small family farms and don’t worry about the calories because you are cycling through the hills and valleys of Požega.

Vallis Aurea cycling route

This route will take you through the whole Požega valley since the Roman times known as the “Golden valley” (Vallis Aurea). It starts and finishes in Požega after some 100 km of not too difficult terrain. After Požega, the route passes through the village of Brestovac and goes in the direction of Pasikovci, Oljasi and Toranj. There it turns left towards Biškupci and continues as a winding road along the foothills of the Papuk Mountain in the direction of the village of Velika known for its spa and swimming pools as well as the Visitor’s centre of the Papuk Nature Park with the House of the Pannonian Sea. A picturesque road then takes you through the village of Kaptol, next to the old fortified church complex, towards the wine country around the village of Vetovo. Next comes Kutjevo, the Croatian capital of the beloved Graševina white wine. Visit the Kutjevo castle and wine cellars from the 13th century and continue further via a winding road through the vineyards towards the villages of Bektež and Čaglin. In Ruševo you can take a short detour from the main route and visit the excursion and picnic site, lake “Sovsko jezero” which is a relict of the ancient Pannonian sea. From Ruševo continue towards the town of Pleternica and then follow the road along the Orljava River back to Požega.

The Beautiful views of Požega route

This route is suited to those with more experience, who also like to add some adventure to their cycling. The route starts and finishes in the city centre and the main square. From the Holy Trinity Square, cycle uphill through the Sokolova ulica Street. After you leave the town, continue still up the hill to the small village of Gradski Vrhovci. There turn left and continue through the forest with some nice views of the valley down the pebble road towards the village of Vasine Laze. Next to the well, turn left and be ready for some real adrenaline as you descend through the woods. Back in the valley, in the village of Vidovci follow the signs and turn left to the main road which will take you back to the city centre.

The road through the fields and groves

This cycling route is interesting because it will take you through the traditional smaller Slavonian villages and the beautiful hilly countryside of wheat fields and orchards. Start from the Sports and recreational centre next to the Orljava River in Požega and go left to the Frankopanska ulica Street. At the second crossroads go right and ride towards the villages of Emovci, Emovački Lug and Nova Lipa. There turn left towards Stara Lipa and again right towards the villages of Jaguplije and Skenderovci. From the village centre, next to the church, turn and go up a semi-steep hill towards Požeški Brđanci and Perenci. Following the same road, you will get to the village of Lučinci and then turn right towards Toranj. The next couple of kilometers will take you up the road and down again until you get to the village of Krivaj. From there, a nice constant descent will take you back to where you started in Požega.

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